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Why Should Buyers Hire A Realtor?

The internet makes home shopping seem so much easier than it used to be, but I firmly believe it has made it more difficult for the average buyer.  The amount of information — virtual tours, photos, etc — is overwhelming at best and can be misleading at the worst.  We all have experienced the visceral disappointment upon an in-person visit in a tiny yard that the camera angle (I call them mouse cams) has made to look like a ranch or a modest home that appears palatial in the photos.  One of my clients walked into such a house and said, “Well, this is under-whelming!”. So true.

Realtors know when a home will be less than what the photos lead you to expect and can advise before stepping foot in the house.  But this is only one of the reasons to hire a realtor to help you.  Remember, buyer’s realtors in the state of Texas work for buyers AT NO COST to the buyers.  Sellers in Texas, for the most part, pay all the realty fees.  Why wouldn’t you hire an experienced expert to help you make the biggest monetary decision in your life …. for free?!?

Location is the number one determining factor in real estate.  Buyers focus on an area for many reasons — commute, schools, nearby entertainment.  As realtors we want you to buy what you love but also what will have good resale if you decide to move since buying a home is a big investment.  Resale is determined in great part by location.  In San Antonio this is a vital consideration and often more complicated than in most other major cities.  Our market is street to street instead of neighborhood to neighborhood.  Your realtor will be able to advise you if buying in the 100 block of E. Mulberry is the same as buying in the 1900 block of the same street.  Consider this–a home in the 1800 block of East Kings Highway sold for $100,000 this year while a home in the 100 block of E. Kings Highway just sold for $1.8 million!!

When my active military buyers come into town we always consider buy versus rent.  Right now is a great time to buy because of our escalating property values.  However, I am very careful to help them find a home in which the statistics show that the values will increase at a higher rate and more quickly than other areas as most will have to sell within 3 years.  Two recent success stories were a couple who bought $153,000 house and sold it with only adding a new roof (insurance) less than 2 years later for $193,000.  Nice nest egg for that couple as they moved to their new posting.  Another just closed this month — they purchased for $168,000 and sold it two years later for $194,700 having done nothing than live well in the home!

A realtor is bound by fiduciary duty to put YOUR interests and needs above all others!  Your realtor is your advocate in the home buying process. One of my clients wrote a review after I had helped them sell their house and buy their dream house.  He called me their ‘pit bull in our corner’!  What a compliment.  Why wouldn’t you want an expert in YOUR corner?  Check out my blog on questions to ask when you choose a realtor and then go hire a realtor today!