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    Helotes Real Estate

    Situated on the road from San Antonio to Bandera, “The Cowboy Capital of the World”, sits Helotes, a San Antonio suburb tucked along limestone cliffs and steeped in historic charm. Settled by German and Mexican immigrants in the 1850s, Helotes was long a sleepy farming community famed for its dairy farms and corn crops.  In fact, Helotes is an Americanized version of ‘elotes’ which means ‘corn on the cob’.  Today the town is best known for the world-renowned dance hall, Floore Country Store, a landmark listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, which still hosts some of the hottest country western performers every weekend.  The housing boom of the late 20th Century transformed Helotes to one of the most popular relocation spots for San Antonioans who wanted a country feel while being still close to the city (it is 20 miles NW of downtown).  Today, estate homes on small acreage stay hidden under gracious antique oaks as new developments with stunning views continue to pop up along Highway 16, bringing the population of the small town to more than eight thousand with a median home price of $273,000.